Monday, March 8, 2010


Hola one and all. I realized that I'm on my blog practically every day so I can use the links to other people's blogs... but then I also realized it's been like three weeks since I've posted anything. *laughs* Woops.

So here it goes. LIFE IS INSANE. :) Good, but insane. It was midterms two weeks ago and last week, and it's tax season... I work at an appraisal office and we do commercial appraisals for a few of the counties around here for tax purposes... long story short, on top of going to school full time I've been working 30-40 hour weeks. =P Not fun. I mean, it's nice for the money and everything, but it's rough. I get very little sleep.

Today was an especially frustrating day and I won't go into any details, but let's just say that usually I'm a pretty easy going person, especially in this context, and today I was frustrated to the point that I gave myself a headache from clenching my jaw and was almost in tears because you can't exactly be mad at your boss on the outside. Lol.

I was very much in an "I'm choosing to have a bad attitude" about this mood, and I even dare to say, rightly so. I blasted Bon Jovi for a good hour today because it seemed like fitting music for all my pent up Anyway, despite Bon Jovi (whose music I love,) I came home after a 7.5 hour day at work (after school,) and, uh, let's just say I wasn't

But then I saw a letter from Bryan on the table. *Grins* He's the best, you know? If nothing else, his letter made me smile... and that's something I hadn't done for a while today.

Then I went to the gym and rode a bike up some "hills" while I read my linguistics homework. I was feeling much better about life, but was still in a little bit of an "I'm going to be frustrated and feel sorry for myself" sort of a slump.

Then I got an idea. If you recall this post, you may guess what it is. :) It also helped that I actually saw the person I did this for at the gym tonight... that's another thing that gave me the idea. Anyway, I don't have time until Thursday night probably, but I think I'm going to make some banana bread or something, and take it to a friend of mine... in fact, I think I'll take it to this same friend because I know they'll appreciate it. :) Looking forward to that already makes me feel happier. :)

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