Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Yup I'm still alive

Yup, I'm still alive. :)

I survived Spring Term, which is always good. It actually ended on June 17th, so yeah it's been a while.

Turns out I did well enough in my Differential Equations class to get a B+ before the curve, (The curve he said didn't exist. :D) and an A- after the curve and I would have been thrilled with a C+. I got A's in both other classes, so I ended up doing much better than I thought I would this term. :) Yippee!

I've done a ton of things since the term ended, but alas, I've been so busy I haven't uploaded any pictures or anything. I will one of these days.

Right now I'm working two jobs. The second is like an extension of the first... our company works for the county, and now I'm also working for the county itself trying to figure out this new (RIDICULOUS DISASTROUS) program they just got. It's a disaster. But, it's a second job, which is good. 

I decided that maybe I'll put all the money from this second job into its own savings account and use it to pay for certain future expenses that involve a white dress and flowers and serving food to lots of people that come to see you in a church gym and that sort of thing.... *chuckles* That'd be a good thing to be able to pay for.

I'm going to Disneyland with mi familia and mom's familia the week of the 11th, which will be SO fun. We've never done any sort of vacation with my mom's family, so I'm SO excited. It's Annie, Sherie, and Paul's first time in Disneyland. It'll be AWESOME. Especially to take Annie. She's 4, almost 5: the perfect age.

So, apparently Soda Springs is having their parade on Monday, so we're going up to Idaho for our annual 4th of July trek to Idaho on Sunday night instead of for the weekend. I'm already missing two other Sundays this month, and I can hardly find subs for everything for those. So, not missing Sunday.

Ummm... I can't think of anything else terribly exciting to say... *thinks*.... nope. Nothing exciting.

I just got through working out, and I probably should get in the shower and all that so I can get in bed... I'm supposed to be down at the county building at 8 tomorrow morning. 

Super fun.

G'night! Everybody!

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