Sunday, August 8, 2010

Doing well

Hey everybody! I guess I'm due for an update. :)

I'm doing well. I recovered from getting that last wisdom tooth out pretty well and quickly. 

I even managed to do it without any pain pills; I just used ibuprofen and ice. Awesome.

I'm still working at my work, which is good. We don't know when it'll end or anything, but for now I've got a job to pay for all this stuff... including my surgery on Tuesday.

Which brings me to my surgery on Tuesday. :)

It's not a big deal really. The biggest hole in my head I'll have is a cut less than a centimeter long, right in front of my ear: no big deal. 

The biggest part of this is that for a month I can't eat anything that requires much chewing. The hardest stuff I can chew is like cooked fish or something.

So basically no meat, only super soft bread/bread products, no vegetables (raw, or most cooked), no rice, only mashed beans, um... yeah. 

My plan is to become a fan of V8 and vegie puree-type things to get my vegetables. Lol.

I'm getting pretty excited for school to start. I get antsy when I'm not in school. I'm going to go crazy when I finish Maybe I'll just be a student forever.

Bryan's doing really well. He's in Shoreline right now, which is just north of Seattle. He's training a new elder from California, and Bryan's loving life.

My new computer is treating me well. It didn't (obviously) carry over any of my playlists in itunes or anything. It just had one giant conglomeration of music, so I'm actually going through it all and sorting it out now. :)

I love music. If you haven't heard yet, go on youtube or something and search "We are the World." It's a song that a ton of celebrities did to raise money for Haiti when they had that awful earthquake. It's a great song. Love it.

So the other day I watched Oprah, and it was one where they help a lady that was a hoarder. Her house was only 3200 square feet, and in it, she had 75 TONS of garbage, and enough stuff to fill a 10000 square foot warehouse for the biggest "garage sale" EVER, not counting the stuff she kept. Anyway, they had tons of people come help her, they had a psychologist work with her, and they helped her learn that she was choosing that over her family. By the end of a two month process, she had a reawakening, and she basically started her new life. It was awesome.

And it sort of nudged the OCD inside of me, and I've been cleaning and sorting and organizing and filling tons of trash bags full of stuff to take to the DI. :) It's therapeutic for me. I love it. I'll probably have more time to do it this week since I'm taking a few days off work to recover. It'll be great.

I'm weird, I know. :)

Well, back to sorting my itunes. :) Awesome possum. 

Have a great week!

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