Saturday, September 4, 2010

Has it seriously been a month?

I always wish people would update their blogs more often...

but I guess I'm not one to talk!

Here's an update on my lovely life.

I had my jaw surgery, and I'm recovering very well.

I still can't eat meat or chewy things like toast or bagels or things...

or most vegetables...

which is interesting.

But I'm doing well. :) Only another week of that and then I can start eating whatever my jaw can handle.

About a week after my surgery I had to get steroid shots in my left foot.

I have a bone out of place that's pretty painful.

It seems to be helping a little. 

Cross your fingers I'll keep healing.

School started on Monday.

I love school. :) 

It's like a drug to I get addicted.

I also go on these random cleaning frenzies. 

It's the OCD in me.

Tonight I cleaned the bathroom with bleach and a scraper on my hands and knees for probably an hour and a half.

Yeah, I'm weird.

But the bathroom's sparkly clean. :)

I also have a new amazingly awesome movie.

I watched it tonight.

It's The Young Victoria

It's the true story of Queen Victoria...

and her story is a love story.

I was laughing, and yes, I'll admit, I cried.

Speaking of which...

Bryan begins his last transfer on Tuesday.

*small smile*

A part of me feels guilty for being excited for him to come home...

like by being excited I'm somehow wishing him away from the place he wants to be and loves most.

But then a good friend of mine told me I'm allowed to be excited. 

So I'll try not to hide it as much. :)

I'm very, very, very excited.

You have no idea.

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