Thursday, October 28, 2010

Whitney says I'm supposed to be the interesting cousin

Whitney said that my picture isn't interesting enough. :)

Apparently I'm supposed to be the interesting cousin.

I suppose Annie doesn't have many stories to tell.

Want interesting stories huh?

We had a snowball fight... he pelted me first... he's so dead. ;)

Want something more interesting?

He was super brave and kissed me the second day he was home. :)

He's a good kisser.

And kissing is fun. :)

Ssshhhh... it's a secret. ;)

We're going on a fun date tomorrow.

Not sure what; he's planning it.

We're driving all over Utah on Saturday to go to his family's Halloween party, buy a bookshelf at IKEA, and to meet up with two of his missionary buddies that for some reason are excited to meet me. :)

Anyway, life is good. :) 

(There Whitney... maybe that's more interesting. :D)

1 comment:

  1. Meh. It'll have to do! ;) Actually, the bit about the kissing caught my attention. SCANDALOUS! (It is fun isn't it?) Sorry I couldn't make it to Bryan's talk this morning, I was up until 4 am, so getting up at 7am just wasn't physically possible for me (you know how I l♥ve my sleep!). Hope you guys come down to Sunday dinner again soon.

    Hugs and Kisses from your favorite cousin,