Saturday, November 6, 2010

Overload of pictures. :)

Get ready for an overload of pictures! I'll try to caption them as good as I can.

Picking up Bryan from the airport.

He's home!

First BYU game with Bryan in two years!

I was a cactus for I totally rock. :)

More of me as a cactus at work. :)

I was a cactus, Bryan was a cowboy. :)

At the temple grounds...the temple's kinda hidden. Sorry.

Us at a very windy squaw peak.

A donut-on-a-string eating contest at the Sudweeks family Halloween party.

Us at the family Halloween Party.

We went to IKEA and bought a big huge bookshelf... and could barely fit in my car. The passenger seat was squished up as far as it would go and I was exceedingly claustrophobic.

Bryan and his brother Curtis after a marching band competition.

Us at Coney's (Frozen Custard) with my family.

My delicious mango frozen custard.

Bryan eating frozen custard.

Me at Coney's.
Bryan surprised me after one of my night classes with a beautiful rose. :)

Life is great! :)

Bryan's in St George tonight and I had a fun night with a bunch of my girl friends.

KateLyn, Annalisse, Brynn, me, and Jo

Life is crazy, but very very good.

I miss you Bryan! Have a fun trip!

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  1. Nice pics. Too bad you don't feel the need to grace us with your presence any longer on Sundays! You do realize, dearest Lindsay, that we have to seize these opportunities to be together as a family? I mean next year I will be GONE. Yes, Lindsay, GONE. I will be living 10,000 +/- miles away. SO, you better shape it up and come visit (your favorite cousin) while you still can! That is all.