Saturday, July 23, 2011


The weekend before Memorial Day (yes this is a late post) Bryan and I went with one of his friends and a bunch of people down to Moab.



Long story short: The guy who said he'd planned the whole trip failed to mention we didn't have a place to sleep. So, we drove through literally every camping spot in Moab trying to find a place to park. Oh, and I forgot to mention, we didn't even get down there until 9 pm, so our search was in the pitch black night. Oh yeah, and we were supposed to make dinner over our camp fire after we found a place to camp... so we were starving too.

Finally after a midnight dinner at Denny's and lots of time on the phone to Bryan's dad, with his help we found some BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land. We were SO sick of seeing "NO CAMPING" signs that at 3 am when we pulled into a BLM designated camp site, we cheered.

The camp site consisted of flat ground, a makeshift fire pit, and a bush to pee behind. But we had a place to sleep!!!!!

These is where our tent ended up at 3 am. Never mind the black ant pile on one side and the red ant pile on the other. You can't see those at 3 am.

Bryan took over the eggs so I could eat.

My breakfast Burrito

Remember how I said we had a bush to pee behind? We had to share that "behind the bush" area with like a bazillion of these cacti. They're pretty...until you're trying to pee next to them.

This was the spot I poured the grease when I was making the bacon.

The next day we made breakfast (at like 11) and then spent the day in arches.

Yes, I wore my Halloween shirt. :)

Delicate Arch (think Utah license plates)

 That was our trip!

(This is being posted while we're on another vacation! Stay tuned for pictures of that!)

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