Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm leavin' on a jet plane!!!

Actually, we're just leaving in our cram-packed Dodge Neon. 

But we're leaving in less than 4 hours (if we get everything packed in time to leave by 2) for a VACATION! 


I'm very excited.

Since we got married mid-semester and then took spring term after that, our honeymoon was only a weekend long, and any trips since then have just been weekenders.

We're spending a week in Washington visiting Bryan's mission...

Sneak peek of where we'll be:

 Yup. I'm excited.

Then we're going to my cousin's wedding in Twin Falls. I love going to sealings in the temple. So special.

Then after that we'll spend the weekend with my family and grandparents in Soda Springs.
Then we're going to go to a family reunion Bryan's family is having....

...but on our way, we're stopping in Idaho Falls to see MY FAVORITE THING EVER! I saw it when it was in Salt Lake, and I jump at the chance to see it again!

Body Worlds Exhibit!!! 

I'm so very excited. :)

(Update: apparently this one in Idaho Falls is called "Bodies: The Exhibition" or something like that and it's not the same as body worlds...which is lame...which sorta makes me sad... apparently I'd have to go to Iowa to see the one I thought I was seeing....=P Oh well.)

Then we're going camping for a few days for the family reunion,

and making a quick day trip up toYellowstone.

I'm excited.

Now if I can just get everything packed....

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