Thursday, July 7, 2011

MIA - Cause: Sunburn

Hola. Sorry I've been MIA. You see, at the pool party on Saturday, dear Lindsay apparently burned through her sunscreen and now has a back and chest full of blisters thank you very much.

I'm in a lot of pain. I've stuck to many sets of sheets, peeled off far too much skin when clothes (which KILL in the first place) get stuck to all my blisters, and haven't been able to lift my arms far above my head since Saturday. Try to put a pony tail holder in your hair when you can't raise your arms... tricky.

I couldn't even go to work on Tuesday because trying to put anything (ahem...garments, bra, etc) on my shoulders had me in tears. So, I got dressed but basically didn't put anything over my shoulders. Yeah, I just kept the blinds shut and stayed inside...ha ha ha. By Tuesday night I was so antsy, so I sort of wrapped a blanket around myself and snuck out to the car. We drove up to a park on the side of the mountain and watched the brilliant lightning and rain storm and listened to the thunder and all that. I live for summer storms...and summer nights... the sun and I aren't on very good terms right now, so I'd rather be out at night.

Yesterday I went to work (which wasn't fun considering that meant putting clothes on my blisterful back and shoulders) and I I came home and was feeling marginally better, so I starting cleaning the house a little bit. I got the vacuum out and was using the hose to vacuum around the edges of things. I got down on my knees and started using the hose to vacuum the dust bunnies from under the futon...

...and the vacuum fell over on me. It banged my head pretty hard, and tore huge chunks of skin off of my back and shoulders. Bryan came home from work like 3 minutes later and found me crying in the bathroom. It was bad news. I had this giant raw wound on my back/shoulder that was stinging like nobody's business, and we were supposed to hurry up to Orem to run a few errands that couldn't be put off (return library books, etc) and be back by 7. Yeah...this was like 4:45.

I got out the neosporin (which really doesn't kill the pain like it says it does) and used a q-tip to apply it to my gaping wound. There were rolls and folds of skin everywhere that had been pushed around by the vacuum, but considering my whole body is a blister I figured I'd better not mess with them. Bryan got some wax paper and put it on my skin with some aloe vera around the edges so that the neosporin wouldn't rub off and my wound would be covered.

I about died, but I put clothes on over it and we left.

I was not in a good mood.

We ran our errands and all that stuff, and then came home. Bryan had to leave so he had me make him a sandwich and he shoveled it down and left.

I ate stupid leftover macaroni and cheese and mixed it with chili because leftover macaroni and cheese is gross and dry if it's not mixed with chili. It gave me heartburn. Lame.

Bryan got home later than planned (10:00) but I had really wanted to go on a walk because I was sick of being immobile. So, we went on a walk. We got home and decided to take the wax paper off so we could put more medicine on it.

The wax paper was, apparently, a BAD idea. It stuck to my skin and to the wound even though we had tons of lubricant on it, and it took us probably 10 or 15 minutes, lots of water, a pair of tweezers, and lots of me gripping on the door frame so I wouldn't flinch too bad or run away, to get it off. It sucked.

I put more medicine on it, aloe vera on the rest of me, and just had to sleep on my stomach, yet again. I don't mind sleeping on my stomach, but when you can't move your arms into a comfortable position because of blisters covering your shoulders, it gets old.

I woke up probably 3 times in the middle of the night in pain or because something was ripping because it stuck to the sheets. That has been the pattern every night since Saturday night. I'm tired.

I was slow going this morning but I managed to take a shower on the drizzle setting of the shower head (it took me a long time though because the water hurt so bad) and I made it to work... it took me til 10:30 to do so, but I did.

Mom keep singing a made up song to me whenever she sees me or talks to me. The only lyrics to this song are "Reapply, reapply, reapply." Apparently I need to reapply my sunscreen more often than anybody else I've ever met in my life.

I'm liking our short bouts of overcast-ness. Keep 'em comin'.

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