Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sunburn Update

Yesterday I was able to sit through work without going crazy because of the itching (i.e., I'm almost done peeling and I no longer look like a freakin' lizard.)

Yesterday I was able to work 7 hours (i.e., I wasn't itching so bad or in so much pain that I had to come home early to take clothes off my shoulders and slather it in aloe.)

Yesterday I made a delicious dinner -- green curry, massaman style -- which was absolutely delicious and VERY spicy. (Don't know what this has to do with my sunburn, but it was delicious.)

Yesterday I was able to put on my exercise clothes (i.e., I was able to put a sport's bra on without it ripping up large sections of my back.)

Yesterday I did my crazy hard yoga dvd before I went to bed (i.e., I could lift my arms above my head without the resulting fold in my shoulders causing  huge blisters and scabs to crack and bleed.)

All things considered, I'm doing great. :)

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