Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Results are in... and my new project.

About five weeks ago I took the Praxis test. I might have mentioned it. Basically, it's a math test I had to take so I can be certified to teach math. Exciting, I know.

It was pretty hard; let's be honest.

Scores would take four weeks to be released. (Translation: Lindsay lost track of time and forgot about it and remembered yesterday that the scores should be out soon. They'd been out since, oh, probably July 3rd or something.)

So, I got my scores. :)

I was pleased.

I passed with flying colors. Basically, to pass, I had to get 65% and I got 96%. I'm pleased.

Here are some snippets of my report card (snippets meaning the interesting parts minus all the blank space and my social security number) for anybody who cares to see them. :)

Anyway, I was pleased.

Now, here is my next project...besides cleaning the house, which we are doing. (We bought some bed risers and are now able to store TONS of stuff under our bed...although when I'm praying I'm practically standing up at the edge of the bed. Bryan loves it... *chuckles*)

I want to make my own version of this. I think I'll do the days of the week instead of the way they have it, but I'm going to make it. :)

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