Tuesday, October 18, 2011

...stolen credit card #, a new car, and no sleep,,,

Oh man... so a few weeks ago I went Visiting Teaching.

I came out to get in my car when I was done (it was nighttime and very dark...and I have a black car. Keep that in mind.)

I got in my car and noticed a paper on the windshield. I was like "oh crap a ticket!" and searched for a driveway I didn't see before or something... yeah, not so much.

Turns out someone in a truck had backed into our car...thankfully they left a note and a phone number and all that.

Well, fast forward. We find out we can get the car fixed. We take our car to the place, switch out for a rental, and wait.

Fast forward to Friday.

Within the space of one hour (I was in 3rd period sitting at the back of class trying to keep up with emails and texts finding this all out) we found out that:

1. Just kidding, our car's actually totaled and it's not getting fixed like we thought.

2. Someone has our credit card number and has been making fraudulent charges to Walmart.com and Victoria's Secret.

3. Bryan called to take care of the credit card and get it canceled and get new ones.

4. We would be receiving twice what we thought we would for our car... a HUGE blessing. Actually, we got just a teeny bit less than I paid for it 5 years ago. Wow.

5. We would need to buy a new car asap.

6. We would be tired and exhausted for the weekend and never get any sleep.


That was our weekend...lol.

Didn't help I was sick Saturday... no fun.

Yesterday I had to leave school early to go sign away the title to my car.... I cried a little... and when i have to go clean it out for the last time tonight I'm gonna cry a little... I loved my car... lots of hard work went into that.

Then we were in Midvale for the next bajillion hours going back and forth from the credit union to the dealership until we finally bought our car.

Glad it's mostly over. We've got to take care of returning the rental car, cleaning out our old car, and taking info to our insurance company....but after we do that tonight we'll be done. =P

What a weekend...

But here's our new car...It's Bryan's baby. He's so excited.

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  1. I hope Bryan retrieved the money he hid in your old car... :)