Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween Weekend!

We had a really fun Halloween Weekend!

Party with Bryan's Family-- this was Saturday at lunch time. Bryan and I dressed up as a DNA molecule. We were the base pair Adenine and Thymine. If you don't understand, it's okay. :) Most people who saw us didn't. We're nerds. Next year we'll be a math equation if you want.

Party with our friends in our ward that evening:

Ghost cake balls

Jello Brain with worms, courtesy of me, the girl who is obsessed with anatomy and surgery and whatnot.

Shrunken apple head for the shrunken apple head apple cider.

Apple cider

My balloon

The other balloons.

A bouquet of caramel apples.

Josh and Hailee: Nerds

Elsa and Brian: Gryffindor Prefects.

Kristen and Brian: Police and prisoner

Trevor and Amanda: Occupy Tree Streets (the name of the area we live)

Elise and Sam: Pirates... or maybe gypsies...but I'm pretty sure pirates.

Me and Bryan... trying out best to look like DNA Molecules...aka, we were nerds...legitimate nerds.

I forgot their names (they moved out of our ward right as we moved in...) but they were cool ninjas.

And then the pumpkin carving with Bryan's family... I watched and sorted out seeds and helped where needed... I always get impatient and carve boring pumpkins, so I gave my pumpkin to the masters.

Nicole's Joseph Smith

Nicole's baby with a binkie

Curtis/Melanie's Strongbad

Jeffrey's pumpkin... he had a butter knife sticking in the side of his head and sharpie blood running down, so "that's why he's so mad" to quote Jeff.

Bryan's Dragon

And that was our Halloween. :) Fun fun fun.

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