Sunday, December 11, 2011


How have I celebrated having finished my student teaching?

Mostly by being sick. =P

Migraine sick.

So much so that I don't actually remember very well what we did Friday night. I think we went to The Malt Shoppe for dinner. Oh yes. Delicious fries and fry sauce. I remember.

Saturday morning I woke up with what became probably the most painful migraine I've had, to date.

I got up and lasted about as long as it takes to go to the bathroom and wash your face.

I collapsed on the couch and tried to eat something for breakfast...

...didn't work. Nothing stayed down.

I basically collapsed on the bathroom floor by the toilet (I thought I was going to be puking...)

Bryan carried me to bed.

I writhed in pain on the bed for the rest of the morning...we're talking from about 9:30 to the early afternoon.

Meanwhile, Mom and Dad came down to help. Bryan and dad took the couch to the dump, (long story involving two mice...stay tuned), mom did the dishes and made me eat pills, etc.

I eventually recovered, but excedrin (and any other pills with caffeine) make me super sick....

so that was fun.

I made it to the ward party last night, which was really fun...

but my brain feels like mush. Good thing I don't have to teach math tomorrow!

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