Thursday, December 1, 2011

What I'm up to lately...

Well, Brynn (my student teaching partner) has become the maternity sub for the math teacher next door. I could have done it if I wasn't in school next semester. Oh well.

That means I'm sitting here by myself, not wanting to do my copious amounts of homework and papers that are due starting today, ending next Friday.

Both Geometry and Calculus kids have tests today, so that makes my life even slower Although, when they start turning them in I could be grading...but I really do have more urgent things to do.

What am I up to besides school these days?

Not a whole lot. This is evidenced by the sink and dishwasher full of dishes. (At least those in the dishwasher are now clean...just remain in the dishwasher.)

My latest hobby/obsession/thing-I-am-trying-to-become-really-good-at is cooking for real... I mean we're talking beyond the world of casseroles and spaghetti and fun desserts... I really want to be good enough that I can cook hard recipes, cook things without recipes, so that I understand how to cook certain types of foods to achieve certain results (like the chemistry behind how to cook different meats,) etc.

I'm taking an "advanced food preparation" class next semester for fun. The text book is a 1300 page book that is, apparently, the "bible" for culinary school. Lol. I'm very excited.

Also, my mathematical, hopefully organized brain wanted to keep track of the recipes I find that I like some way better than sticky notes in books and a binder of randomly printed recipes.

So, Bryan figured out a way I can use Microsoft One note to organize my recipes. It has search capabilities, is really easy to format, and wigs me out because there is no "Save" button.

Here's a screen shot of why I love it. :)

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