Saturday, January 14, 2012

Overheard in my "advanced" cooking class....

This class is called "Advanced Food Preparation".

The text is "Culinary Fundamentals", the culinary "Bible".

Maybe my expectations were too high?

The first day was called "provident living", and we basically made a dozen or so recipes that you could make out of your food storage (beans, dry milk, etc.).

*A boy in my group uses his fingertips (not the provided sponges and scrubbers) to wash his dish.

*The same boy watches the rest of us as we clean every other dish.

*Group 4, who was supposed to use "magic mix" (a mixture of powdered milk, flour, and butter) to make cream of vegetable soup, used sweetened condensed milk (also made from the powdered milk) to make their soup. I don't even know what to say about that... really? I didn't eat it.

*Group 2 who was making oatmeal bread (which was actually quite delicious) plopped the dough for their bread on our counter, 3 inches away from our dish sponges, to form their loaf of bread.

*Previously mentioned boy in my group kept brown nosing to the teacher, talking (far too much) about his pressure cooker his mom gave him when she got a new one, effectively abandoning us whenever we were doing any cleaning of any sort.

*Same boy put himself in charge of making the macaroni and cheese in our group. He plopped the noodles into the baking/serving dish, put the white sauce (which he conveniently never boiled) into the pan, sprinkled the cheese on top, looked at it cross eyed with a spoon in his hand (instead of stirring it), didn't put the seasonings or the onions in (I snuck them in later when he was talking to the teacher...when I also stirred it as carefully as possible), and then went about cooking it deciding he didn't want to set any sort of timer, he'd rather play it by ear. *bangs head on table*

*Group 5 made baked spaghetti with chicken...and most likely forgot to cover it in the baking process, effectively drying out every noodle in the dish until it turned into an uncooked ramen-like conglomeration.

*Group 4 (sweetened condensed milk and broccoli soup group) was also in charge of making a brown rice and vegetable pilaf type thing. Unfortunately their vegetables were mushy and their rice was crunchy and I had to pick it out of my teeth. Not so good.

*Whichever group made the rice pudding cooked it too long making it the texture of leftover oatmeal you leave on the table (one plop of glop) and forgot to add the seasonings to the inside so they sprinkled them on the top.

I know there was more...but you get the picture.

Summary:  Maybe this class will simply give me lots of exposure to lots of recipes to make (or not make) at home, for some credit... maybe it's not going to teach me as much as I thought.

Oh well. It'll be a good source of entertainment apparently.

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