Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Random List

1.   I watched Hoarders last night. My OCD self is slightly addicted to it. It was the worst one I've ever ever seen. Holy cow. It makes me want to go home and scrub and sort things. I'm not even going to describe how bad it was...we're talking the people went in in Hazmat suits and the house was condemned after removing a few pictures. Holy crap (literally...).

2.   While we were watching this show I was sitting cross legged on the couch and found an embarrassing hole in an embarrassing spot in my pants. No I'm not showing you a picture. Guess I wore them out. Guess I need new ones.

3.   Bryan and I went to Thai food with mom and Michelle yesterday. We tried a new place down by J Dawgs in Provo (I forgot what it's called). It was pretty good but my favorite place around here is probably still Bangkok Grill on 800 South in Orem.

4.   I woke up with a nasty head cold Saturday morning (or Friday morning... I forget) and it hasn't gone away. It's migrated downward out of my sinuses (mostly) into my lungs. That's no good. My spinning class was pretty tough today because of that. =P

5.   I need to take a practice GRE in the next few days. It doesn't sound fun.

6.   I wanted to make pork and brussels sprouts stir fry for dinner tonight, but having eaten rice like 12 times in the past few weeks maybe I'll hold that off for another night.

7.   I'm going to let this sit here while I work and I'll write things as I think of them. :)

8.   I don't have anything else to say... talk to you later. :)

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