Friday, January 27, 2012

Random things as of late

Here are random things we've done/eaten/made recently.

I made turkey burgers. I'd never done it before and didn't exactly have a recipe, but I made the buns and burgers...and it was homemade guac. Yum.

Curtis' Birthday!

This came in an electronic thing Bryan ordered from China. Read it. (Both sides--see below.) It's HILARIOUS.

Dad won Shanghai!!! (It was like his 2nd time playing...ever.)

Bryan tested out the nighttime capacities of my camera. Pretty cool.

Michelle's Birthday Celebration at Red Lobster

Her yearly crab fix. :)

David who ordered bacon wrapped scallops and 2 different kinds of shrimp, was very glad he is no longer as picky as he used to be. He used to order an appetizer chicken fingers while we all ate delicious sea food.

The still picky Annie eating her noodles with butter, with the parsley flakes rinsed off because heaven forbid anything non-white is touching her food. I will give her this though: she tried the cheese rolls which we thought she'd never do in twelve million years.

Mom made the cake, I made the frosting. (It's Pioneer Woman's "Best Frosting I've Ever Had".) Make it. Love it. Crave it.

Michelle loves the pictures I post of her... she loves them so very much. :)

We had to take down our clock/thermometer to put new batteries in. This giant thing was stuck to the wall behind it. Awkward.

My friend Brittany gave me this cool plant, and the light coming in on it looked cool, and I wanted to test out my camera's settings... so I took a picture of it. Bryan made fun of

Sometimes I crave German we ate them for dinner the other night. So good.


  1. It's GROWING!!! Haha. We planted them a few weeks before giving it to you, hoping that it would have a little green leaf coming up by the time Christmas rolled around. But the room was too cold, apparently. Ours finally took off once we put it in a warmer room (face palm).

  2. We all just love it SO much when you post flattering pictures of us on your blog! Aside from that... Your cooking looks delish. I am dying to cook my own food, but the kitchen is my MIL's domain! Although, Vince and I just finished breading some fresh mozzarella a few minutes ago. We're going to fry it and eat it as a side for dinner. I don't like fresh mozzarella, so we'll see how it goes! Take more pics of my baby and post them for me!

    1. Ooh fresh mozzarella? sounds yummy! I think you should post bulgarian food recipes. :) As long as it doesn't involve things I can't buy at Winco or

    2. Thankfully I got 2 normal ones in this time in addition to the stoner and spastic shots. :)