Thursday, March 8, 2012

I'm old

Okay I'm really not old.

In fact I'm quite young.

But sometimes I feel old.

I was just walking in the hall at work and someone caught my attention.

It was one of my students from when I was student teaching.

He was here taking care of something with a bunch of friends. He said hi. I asked how he was, how school was, how math was, if he was still going to math (which is the real question with this kid) and that was pretty much it.

He was one of the kids that I wish I could have taught longer because I finally had a breakthrough with him right there at the end... when he realized he could do well at math if he worked hard. I wonder how he's really doing.

Anyway, I felt sort of old that I'm now seeing my students in the real world. "Hey there's my math teacher" usually connotes an older person... like at least a generation older than me...right?

This is the 2nd time that's happened since January. Weird.

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