Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Um, yeah...

It's 12:25 in the night...or morning... just not the daytime 12:25...that's all I know.

This week is craaaazy at work,

but I also want to have a productive summer in my normal life (no, work is not what I consider my life),

so I wanted to use this week to do other things too.

Yesterday I worked for one job for just over an hour in the morning,

aaaand then I pulled an 11 hour day at my other job.

Let's not talk about that.

Today I took care of a sick husband until 10 when I had to take him to school,

then I worked til 5.

Then I came home, cleaned, cooked dinner (mom sent us home with some homemade enchiladas, so cooking dinner tonight consisted of preheating the oven), and ate dinner while I watched Biggest Loser.

Then the night was only young. :)

I finished making the homemade whole-wheat (with wheat I ground myself) English Muffins I started during Biggest Loser. I made 41 of them.

Then I cooked eggs and fried ham

Then I made 19 of them (that's how many slices of ham I had) into Egg McMuffins and wrapped them and put them in the freezer for breakfasts. (Instructions and pictures to come later when it's not 12:28.)

Then we read scriptures and said prayers and Bryan went to bed...but when I get on these kicks of energy I would be laying in bed cleaning (etc) in my head, so why not just do it for real?

Then I cleaned up a bit.

Then I loaded and started the dishwasher.

Then I cut up a pineapple I bought recently for my green smoothies, and I put it in freezer bags.

Then I realized that the freezer probably should be organized so everything didn't come tumbling down when we opened it for anything.

So I organized the freezer.

Then I decided what I'm going to do for dinner tomorrow (crock pot split pea soup that I literally lick my bowl from), so I got the ham hock, ham, and my homemade broth that I made ages ago out (into the fridge) to thaw a bit before morning.

Then I took out the kitchen garbage, but I had to double bag it because something was leaking and all my 19 egg shells were cutting the thin cheapo bag I bought trying to save

So then I took it outside to the can which was already to the street and already overflowing since our neighbors are moving.

When I came back inside I discovered that bugs aren't only coming in through the bottom corner of our door where the weather stripping is worn away, but all along the bottom of our door.

I realized this when I had to catch two bugs and saw a third (giant spider) had luckily (for me, not for him) made it onto the glue board that I place precariously by the door corner.

So then I got out the bug spray stuff and doused that area really well.

Then I decided that I'm going to use my dry-shampoo for the *ahem*th day in a row and just skip washing my hair and I'll just shower in the morning like normal.

And I decided to spend 15 minutes on pinterest trying to calm my mind down instead of grading papers (I'll finish that in the morning after I make soup and before I go to work)...

...and you can tell that once my mind and adrenaline get going, there's no calming it down.

Hence the blog post. :)

Welcome to my

12:35... I really should go to bed now.

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  1. Guess I have to resort to reading your blog to find out what you do while I'm asleep.... =D

    You're a good wife.