Monday, April 30, 2012

Until I get another post up...

I really will get graduation pictures and things up one of these days.

Until then, here are some songs I'm loving today.

Disclaimer on this next one: I couldn't find an "official video" so if you decide to watch instead of listen, you get some cheesy sunset movie.

I heard this next one was done for Twilight. I wouldn't know. I've only seen the 1st two. I love this song of its own accord. :)

Bryan makes fun of these next two, but I love them. :)

Sometimes on days like today I sit at work with my headphones in and try to forget there are people around me and I listen to my music. Sometimes I bang my head, sometimes I dance in my seat, sometimes I hum along or mouth the words and accidentally start singing along aloud. :) Today's one of those days.

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