Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lord of the Rings

Okay, so last night we watched the third Lord of the Rings movie.

We'd watched the last few with Michelle last time we were up here, and she wanted to watch the 3rd one this time.

Mom saw like two minutes of the second movie last time and was mildly intrigued.

She decided to watch at least part of the 3rd one with us.

Mostly she wanted to listen to the accents and look at New Zealand's scenery.

So, we watched it. I was impressed because her and dad sat through the whole four and a half hour movie! Wow. Very impressive, especially considering that's the first time she's actually seen any of the movies.

Some funny lines from the night.

Michelle: "That's Legolas" (pointing to Orlando Bloom)
Mom: "Wait, how is he walking then?"
Michelle: awkward pause..."uh, what? he has legs mom."
Mom: "Then why do they call him leg-less?"

Mom: (about Frodo) "ooh... he's not looking too good!"

When waiting for the giant spider to attack Frodo, during the silent moments, mom screamed to freak David out. It worked. He jumped out of his seat practically.

David: "There's Scotty and Pippen!"
Mom: "No, it's Scotty Pippen and Merry Christmas!"

Mom (when the evil death rider witch guy comes out): "Is he a good guy or a bad guy?"

Mom: "Go Will Turner! Look at him run up the Elephant! Go Will!"

Mom: (when Gollum comes back once Frodo gets up to mount doom, as Gollum jumps out at Frodo): "Ooh you SUCKHEAD!!!! I was waiting for that to happen!"

...among many others... and yes, mom and dad both stayed up til 1:15 am watching the movie with us. Wow... and then dad had to show us the "how it should have ended" for Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.

Good times on the home front. :)


  1. ha ha ha! remember the lorax promise!-melanie (on moms account!)

  2. I love LOTR! Can't believe your parents are just getting around to seeing them. I am ashamed of my aunt and uncle! ;) I did enjoy the things your mom said, however!