Friday, May 18, 2012

My thoughts as I sit here at my desk at work after a long week.

10:24 am   I love this rainy, windy, overcast weather...but I wonder how our Ultimate Frisbee game will go tonight. If I had to vote, though, I'd keep the weather and tough out the game. No more of these sunburning games.

10:42 am   I really like this song:

11:11 am   Bryan just texted me and said he cut his forehead open on accident... that probably hurt. I'm also realizing that I forgot to bring a lunch and this banana I'm eating my not tide me over. lol.

11:21 am   Sneeze #1294 today.

1:15 pm    I've been sitting on the floor for a few hours sorting through giant boxes of paper. Now I'm at my desk again and getting hungry. Good thing I can go home at 2:00 to eat lunch. :) I'm listening to this song now... when I'm in certain moods, Coldplay can do no wrong.

1:42 pm    Sneeze #1340 is stuck inside my nose and none of my tricks are making it come out.

1:51 pm    There's a scheduled power outage this weekend for this area of town... I need to go get my food out of the fridge before I go... no more mold for me! :) Then I'll be going home. hasta luego!

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