Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Yesterday for breakfast I had two little bowls of cereal in my plastic kid ikea bowl...

I think it was the pink one.

I used my almond milk even though I don't think I'd consider myself lactose intolerant anymore...

somehow I got better.

There was hardly any milk left in the carton, but I accidentally left it on the table all day.

I got home in the afternoon and noticed it.

I thought, "Eww. It's been out all day. I'll just dump the last half inch of milk and chuck it."

I opened it up to dump the milk out...

...and there was mold down inside the carton on the inside of the pouring spout.

Bryan said it wouldn't have been able to grow that fast just from leaving it on the table for a few hours.

Which means I drank two bowls of moldy milk. =P

Aaand I'm feeling it today... *blech...* 

No fun. Don't drink moldy milk.

The end.


  1. Yuck! I am glad you survived your moldy milk experience :) Sorry Mrs. Lindsay

  2. Ew! Same thing happened to me! :-( What brand was it?