Friday, May 11, 2012

Whew...what a week.

It's just been one of those weeks... the kind that's like a roller coaster that never stops. Some great highs and some pretty rough lows...but, I'm looking forward to a good weekend taking a break and doing some fun things...

I'll use my friend pinterest to sum up where I'm at...

Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest

Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest

I'm sort of in a transition between my old undergrad life and this whole new world that's opening up with graduate school...sometimes it's hard to still be in the old one as far as jobs and things go when the upcoming one is exactly what I love.......*hanging in there*

I'm attempting to pick running back up... it's I hate running... I like just about any other form of exercise better... but I really need to get my respiratory system in better shape, and running when you live on the mountain in Provo is pretty much the greatest way to do that. Wish me luck.


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