Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sick of Disneyland Yet? NEVER! :)

I could never get sick of Disneyland.

Hopefully the same can be said for you and my Disneyland pictures... ha ha ha.

Here's the last few before the beach.

We spent probably 15 minutes in Cars Land. It was SO cool, but it opened literally 3 days before we went to Disneyland, and the lines were at LEAST 3 hours long...I think 7 hours was the longest it got... disaster? Yes. Avoid at all costs? Yes. But, Bryan and I ran in for a few pictures.

Oh Dole Whips... let's have a moment of silence.... thank you. Dole Whips are only the most amazing ice cream-like thing that will ever cross your tongue. Holy Cow.

I think that's the end! Up next, Beach!

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