Friday, November 23, 2012

A Sweet Potato (Yam) Thanksgiving

I am very aware that what I call a sweet potato is actually a yam.

Your mom's a yam.

Ha ha... jk.

Anyway, since Whitney is in Bulgaria (actually, on a cruise of the Greek Isles right now, then back to Bulgaria) this year for Thanksgiving, I thought I'd continue her tradition of making sweet potato casserole that actually proves to be my favorite dessert on the table. :)

I adapted this recipe.

Eggs scare me and the sugar content is insane, so I used 3 eggs instead of 4, WAY more potato than it calls for (I used 5 medium-large yams, baked), and only half the sugar it calls for in the mixture. The topping I made how it calls except I made a bit more of it since there was a lot of potato.

Random tip: if you keep the potato  mixture in the fridge overnight and expect to put the topping on and bake it the next day, you totally can, BUT you have to cook it WAY longer. The internal temperature will take a LONG time to heat up... if you get it to above about 150 F it's safe to eat.

So, in honor of Whitney, I present US, eating the sweet potatoes. :)


  1. Thanks for the mention, cuz! I am glad you carried on the tradition this year; Grandma would be proud. Did Annie really eat them? Isn't the sugar content in the recipe crazy? I didn't even use a recipe after making them the first year. I just wing it (and always use way more potatoes and way less sugar).

    Oh, and because you don't have a comments section for your book page, just wanted to let you know here that we have all the Chronicles of Narnia series. I was about to say we have the Hunger Games too, but those are actually on my Kindle. Ask my mom to hunt down the Narnia books at out house. They are in a handy little boxed set.

    1. Yup I ended up using way less sugar and eggs and way more potatoes. We couldn't get Annie to eat them. She sorta poked at them, but is thoroughly enjoying her pumpkin pie in the