Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bipolar Teaching

When you're a teacher there's not a whole lot of boringness...

it's totally bipolar.

Today I had a girl (one that seems to ask for far too many hints, who emails me and expects me to sit and help her at 11:00 pm on Saturdays and Sundays, etc...) email me and tell me that she's leaving town for a University excused sporting event. She'll be gone from tomorrow afternoon to Saturday.

Okay... that's fine.

The problem? She said she didn't feel like taking her test today, and so could I ask the professor if she could take it later when she gets back (after it's closed and graded)....

...just because she didn't feel like taking it... ?

Um, no. Sorry, that's not how college works.

Everyone else is taking it this week, and if they're going to be gone they're taking it today even if they don't feel like it.


But then I walked into my third lab today and the entire room had been rotated 90 degrees... all the desks were facing the chalkboards on the left wall instead of the "front"

(the "front" being totally arbitrary because there are chalkboards on three of the four walls),

and my students were sitting there grinning at me...

...and I saw this on the chalkboard:

The blackboard at the "front" of the classroom is really poor quality and you can't hardly see anything I write on it. :)

I left it up the entire lesson and taught around it until I could go get my phone after class to take a picture. :)

Days like today remind me why I enjoy teaching...especially students this age.

 7th graders just don't seem to pull stuff like this off. :)


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  1. That is absolutely spectacular! I am glad there are some ups to being a teacher (I mean I know there are) because come on, you guys have a hard job.