Monday, November 12, 2012

Things from today...

1.  I won this book from a blog giveaway I entered! I'm so excited. I had just started mentioning it to Bryan since Christmas is coming and all that, but then I found out I won it! :) I'm stoked.

2.  Mondays are long days, but Tuesdays are longer... blah... getting ready for my labs tomorrow is quite the task.

3.  Speaking of which, remember when I said that BYU's Calculus program was ranked nationally and so people were coming to observe us? The time has come... and I don't even get to find out if/when I'm being observed ahead of time. Sheesh...

4.  My professors/adviser found out how many hours I've been working and hired me a grader for the rest of the semester... :) So starting this week I have about 15 fewer hours to work. :)

5.  I had two students ask me for extensions on their homework today... one emailed me from home saying his wife was having a miscarriage...the other because she had been with a dying family member all weekend who passed away at the end of the weekend. Yeah, I would say that counts as a legitimate need for an extension... Being a teacher is really hard in these scenarios because it's really hard to know just what to say...

6.  I had a really productive meeting with my thesis adviser today, and I'm really starting to narrow in on what I'm going to study! :) Good sign.

7.  The new season of Hoarders suddenly stopped and doesn't start again until December...?

8.  We started putting up Christmas things yesterday. :) I'm excited.

9.  I got rid of my organ... it was sad but it was time. The 70's wiring and circuitry was going bad and it squealed like nothing else... but I rearranged our study and it sort of looks like the library I want in my home someday. :) Organ transplants are hard. ;)

10.  Back to grading I go... one more week 'til Thanksgiving break!!!!

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