Tuesday, January 15, 2013

10 Day You Challenge: 10 Secrets

I've been looking for something to write about for fun lately.

Turns out writing solely academic stuff doesn't quite satisfy any creative bug. ;)

My cousin Whitney did this challenge a while back and I thought I'd copy her.

No, they won't come 10 days in a row. I don't even usually manage to shower ten days in a row. Lol. Life of a grad student.

So, here is installment numero uno.

10 Secrets

I'm going to change this a bit because I can't think of that many secrets.

10 Secrets/Surprising things about me

(In no particular order, and mostly just as I think of them... I'm sure this list is not comprehensive. :D)

1.  Someday I might want to get my PhD. Call me crazy... but I really want to someday. I would LOVE to come back and teach at BYU in the Math Ed department someday. We'll see if that ever happens because getting PhD or a Doctorate or whatever is quite the commitment (and there are only so many Math Ed PhD's offered around the country) but I would love to do it.

2.  I have never read the Old Testament from start to finish. I'm quite familiar with the stories in it, but I've never read it all! I'm super embarrassed by that. Anyway, I'm working on it right now. :) I'm in 1 Solomon.

3. One of the ways I de-stress best is to clean and organize. My favorite chore? Dishes. I love putting my computer on a nearby counter and listening to murder mysteries while I do them. Least favorite chore? Laundry. When I was younger I would regularly take all my books off the shelves and reorganize them a new way.

4.  I hate packing for vacations. I think this comes from the fact that I'd much rather take the chaos that is the mass of contents in a suitcase and organize them, rather than to take things out of their places and dump them into one pile inside a suitcase. I also hate having to go through my "to pack" list 900 times hoping I didn't forget anything. One thing I've loved since becoming a grownup is that I realize that 90% of things that I would forget, if I really need them, could be purchased somewhere on my trip. Not ideal, but nice to know.

5.  I have a big personal bubble. I'm not a hugger, I'm not one of those people who gets 6 inches from your face to talk to you, and I'm sort of territorial about my spaces... my office space, my kitchen space, my table space, etc.

6.  I'm a pretty social person but I think I'm secretly introverted. I love social situations, I love hosting people, and I love being with people. But, when all is said and done, my "recharge" time is when I'm alone in the quiet listening to music or leaning or working out just on my own.

7.  I am addicted to books... having them, touching them (I doubt I'll ever own a Kindle), turning the pages, owning them, reading them... I can't get enough. One day I will have a library. You could call it a book hoard, but if it's nicely placed on shelves it doesn't count, right? ;) Anyway, when I'm reading a book it becomes a part of my life right then and it occupies (perhaps) far too much mind space and energy and I love it. :) I love every minute of it.

8.  I LOVE reading peoples' blogs... even if I don't know them. You'd probably never know that seeing as I only have like 40 of them linked up at the side of my blog. Secret 8.2.... those aren't even the only ones I read...lol. It's not as if I read all of them every day. I have my favorites that I check pretty often, but the others I go to once a week or so and just read. (Good thing I'm a fast reader. :D)

9.  If I could live 10 lives and go to school for a billion years I would become so many things... A doctor (probably a heart surgeon), a personal trainer, a Nutritionist, a forensic scientist, a chef... and the list goes on. I am genuinely interested in so many things.

10.  I'm secretly really excited to become a mom someday. *shrugs* Just am. That was sort of one of the things I had a hard time sacrificing (for now) when I decided to get my masters, but I know I'm doing what's right for me for right now...but I'm still looking forward to it someday...hopefully sooner rather than later.

I'm sure you'll hear more about these things in the next few installments...for example I wrote about lots of things I love and wishes and things, all of which were supposed to be their own post...lol. Oh well. :)