Thursday, January 31, 2013

10 Days You Challenge: 9 Loves

9 Loves

1.  Bryan. With our 2nd anniversary coming up and everything I figured this was an appropriate 1st thing. :)

2.  Learning. I think I have an addiction to learning... you get this insanely satisfying high (if you will) when you learn new things. It's my belief that our spirits want to be like our Heavenly Father, and since He knows everything, we are sort of programmed to love learning and feel good about ourselves when we learn. I taught a Relief Society lesson about learning a few weeks ago and was practically doing cartwheels in front of people... I get super passionate when I teach about learning and the importance of learning. ..... I'm cheating and adding onto this one that I also love teaching...probably because I love learning so much that I love helping people learn.

3.  Reading and books. I have this not-so-secret addiction to both...I think I count them separate because I like reading non-book things too... blogs, news, articles, magazines, tutorials, instructions... everything... *shrugs* I just do. There are not a whole lot of things better than getting totally sucked into a book, finishing it, and realizing that the world went on around you.

4.  Cooking. It's something I definitely love to do. I love studying, altering, and combining recipes until I get what I think is the best version of something, I love when people enjoy my food and I like enjoying my food (not just eating because you have to).

5.  Working out. Kickboxing (or tae bo) is probably my favorite because I feel SO POWERFUL and STRONG when I do it. :) But I also love hiking, biking/spinning, yoga, zumba, and pilates. I have about 6 Jillian Michaels I like her stuff too.

6.  My Faith. I truly do love being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I love having stability in my life. I love knowing that before I was born I lived with loving Heavenly Parents and that one of the reasons that I'm  here is to learn how to be like Them. I love knowing that I have the opportunity to become like Them and that I know where I am going after I die. I love knowing that Christ lived and died so that I can use His Atonement to improve when I make mistakes. I love knowing that He loves me. I love that I can have the companionship of the Holy Ghost to guide my decisions, to bring me peace, and to help me have joy. I love knowing that I can be with my family forever and that after I die, my family, Bryan, and our children will still be a family. I love knowing that God still speaks to us today through the Holy Ghost, the scriptures, and that through His Prophet He is involved in the world today and gives guidance and revelation to help us know what is good and right.

7.  My shows. Okay, this may seem sort of dumb, but I have a list of shows I love to watch. I watch them while I clean the house and things like that, so it's not like I'm sitting around all day watching tv...please... that doesn't happen in grad school. lol. I like Downton Abbey, Dateline, 2020, 48 hours, Hoarders, Intervention, Biggest Loser... uh, Chopped and Iron Chef once in a while... yeah, those are the ones I go through. It's not like I watch every show every week...but yes, I love these shows.

8.  Movie Nights. I'll admit, I'm loving the fact that Bryan registered for a sound system for our wedding and that he saved up his money a few summers ago and bought us a super nice TV... now all that's missing is the space for a few nicer couches. :) Anyway, we love having movie nights... we love having people over and having a freakin' awesome movie-watching experience. :) I even love popcorn now that we use our air popper and make our own instead of microwave popcorn. :)

9. Hanging out with la familia.  We really like hanging out with our families, especially now that we don't live with them. :) (No offense to anyone... I think it's a pretty well-known fact that you tend to get along better with your families once you're not under the same roof and are all become adults and things.) Anyway, we like going for game nights, movie nights, dinner, to help with homework, to concerts and things, to Sunday dinner/game nights, etc. So fun. :)

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