Monday, July 8, 2013

The Cricket

A few weeks back our neighbors were leaving our house and I heard Hailee yell "what in the world is that!?" out on our porch.

I opened the door and a giant cricket flew right at my face! I yelled and jumped and somehow we caught it in the bug glue trap.


For the next week or so the stupid cricket kept moving... one of its legs even fell off. YUCK.


A few days ago I looked down at the glue trap (to see if it was full enough of bugs that I should replace it-- it was. YUCK..) Anyway, THE CRICKET WAS GONE!!! ONLY A FEW LEGS REMAINED!

I sent a text to Bryan saying something like "REMEMBER THE CRICKET? IT'S GONE!!!!"

He didn't text me back for a while.

I could just picture a cricket with like one limb sneaking around my house.


Bryan texted me back and said "Oh. It fell off. I threw it away."


1 comment:

  1. Hahaha. I was thinking it was Phantom Cricket up until the end of the post.