Thursday, January 23, 2014

Blogging about serious or personal things... my view

Some of my very favorite blogs are those where people talk openly and honestly about real stuff.

You've got to have a little humor mixed in there, but the real stuff is there too.

Some of my favorites are down in the sidebar... motleymama, E Ivie, ones like those...


But I'm in this paradox I suppose

because I don't really do that.

I try to be serious once in a while... maybe it's more contemplative than "serious" though.

I don't often blog about problems, major decisions, any of that...


I don't talk about politics much. I definitely have opinions and views about things like that, and I can talk respectfully about them, but don't really want to do it on my blog. No reason besides I just don't really want to.

But besides politics, what about other stuff that people would actually care about and relate to?


I think it's mostly where I am right now in my life.

#1: We don't have kids yet. For some reason, once you have a kid or two it's not as weird to be like "we want a ___ size family, we want our kids to be ____ close/far apart, we can/can't afford this that and the other right now, I am/am not baby hungry..." and all that.

But it would be weird if I went off writing about our family planning. lol. So I don't.

#2: College makes life simple. Not easy necessarily, but simple. It doesn't take much imagination to figure out what our days look like. Once you've chosen a track there aren't frequent, major decisions that need to be made. Most people probably wouldn't care about the articles and books I'm reading in my Number Sense class right now. Bryan's major decisions regarding grad school are still up in the air. We can't decide much yet.

So I don't write a whole lot about school.

#3: We don't do a whole lot besides school/working for school right now. We have fun, we have friends, we are social, we work out and we're active, we do stuff with family... all that, but nothing major typically.

#4: I'm introverted. I don't know so much if I've always been introverted or what... I consider myself a social person and a socially competent person, but I'm kind of a private person. I don't mind talking about serious or important things with people I'm close to, but putting it all out there on a blog post is definitely not my first instinct. :)


So for now, I write like I've been writing.

One day I'll say more about #1. One day we'll have more to report about #2 with Bryan's grad school decisions approaching and things. Someday we'll do more than school (maybe?...I'm a teacher and Bryan's going to grad school so we'll see) and #3 won't be an issue... and when all those things are true I don't think #4 will be that big of a deal as far as what I write.

So, enjoy my usually-not-too-serious posts, links to videos, and anecdotal ramblings. :)


  1. I love this. I love to write too, but when you are in college so little goes on just like you said, and so it's hard to find things to write about! And then if you get into too deep of subjects and make your opinion clear, you risk that some might be offended etc. Also I worry that I write too much about my baby, even though sometimes all I want to do is write about how I'm feeling, but I worry people get sick of it. Thanks for the reminder to be true to what you feel and not what you think others want. Need to be better at that!

    1. It seems to me like you're already good at that. :) I think you have every right to write as much as you want about your baby. Obviously your experience being his mom has changed your life and shaped you into the person you are today (and will never stop affecting you), and it would be weird for people to "get tired" of it, you know?