Monday, January 27, 2014

There's a new Dateline on? I'd better do dishes.

Maybe it's not obvious how a new Dateline episode has anything to do with the decision to do dishes.

But it's very clear to me. :)

You see, life is insane. :)

I have enough to do for school and work

that the way I justify watching shows is that I watch them while I do chores.

I just finished (hopefully? *crosses fingers*) the first 3 chapters of my thesis

which means that the next step is to defend my proposal.

But I've devoted enough time and energy to that for the past week

that other priorities were never "prioritized" beyond "less important than my thesis".

So now that I sent it off to my advisor, I have to figure out what's next-most important.

I already worked out today, so,

Homework? Work? Chores?

Well, you see, there's a new Dateline episode on.

Chores suddenly jumped to the top of the list for the next 45 minutes. :)

I tried to find a picture of a funny quote about priorities. Turns out, all the quotes on pinterest are sentimental ones. 

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