Tuesday, February 11, 2014


So I have this picture in my mind of me juggling about 10 balls in the air

and this week one of the balls became SO BIG that I had to drop like 5 others.

That ball is my thesis, thank you very much.


I'm defending my thesis proposal on Thursday morning.

(That means that I've written the first three chapters-- Rationale, Theoretical Framework & Literature Review, and Methodology, and I'm ready to defend it to get the go ahead to do my study.)

I've been doing a lot of writing, a lot of presentation-making, a lot of presentation-practicing, and a lot of stressing!! ha ha.

My thesis advisor told me I shouldn't stress because he thinks I'll do well.

I'm still stressed. lol.

So, back to the balls I'm juggling.

Basically I've dropped a few others this week.

For example, I'll be catching up on a LOT of work come Friday morning,

and I finally swept my floor today and was appalled. lol.

But, the olympics are always on in the background at nighttime... I love it...

...and I'm SO EXCITED to be on the other side of this proposal defense. :)

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