Thursday, April 24, 2014

Coming this October...

So, the word is out!

Bryan and I are expecting a baby this October!

We're very excited. :)

How far along: 14 weeks tomorrow

Symptoms: Soooo.... I've been about as sick as I could possibly be. Life has sort of been put on hold for the past few months. Bryan's been awesome and picked up tons of slack since I can't do much. It's been really hard but I am trying really hard not to complain or anything-- it's just what comes with the territory for me I suppose, and so I'm grateful all the same.

Sleep: I sleep pretty well- my nausea wakes me up a few times each night though.

Clothes: I've bought a few maternity things (yay DI) but all my shirts still fit. I can wear my normal jeans and shorts as long as I use a hair tie on the button. Let's be honest though... I live in sweats and scrubs. :)

Best moment this week: Yesterday I felt good enough to eat (and keep down) a near-normal amount of food and even get up and clean a little bit. The best moment a few weeks ago though was hearing the heart beat. :)

Miss anything?: I just miss the days were I didn't hate food. I miss being able to eat. I miss being able to open the fridge or freezer without dry heaving (literally) from the draft that comes out. Good times.

Looking forward to: Everybody says now that I'm at the 2nd trimester I should start feeling better soon. I'm looking forward to that! I also am SO anxious/excited to find out what it is! It may be a while though.

One of these days I'll post a picture... for now I just kind of look bloated lol. Not the most flattering shot. :)


  1. So happy for you!!! I still can't get over how excited I am! And if that's a problem for ME, I can't even imagine how thrilled you guys are!! So much love! Muah!

  2. Ahhh, yes!! Congratulations guys. Pardon me for saying this, but I wondered if you guys would be next. :-) I hope you start feeling better soon!

    1. Ha ha. :) Yup, I guess we're next! Thanks!