Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Random things from this week

1.  I just made myself hash browns and a scrambled egg for lunch. It was yummy.

1.1  A few minutes after I finished eating I got a random email with egg recipes in it because apparently today is "National Egg Day". Who knew. Glad I unintentionally celebrated. :)

2.  Now that I'm feeling better (as far as the nausea goes) these days I'm trying to get back into the groove of cooking...lol. It's harder than you might think to barely be able to look in the fridge for 4 months, and then suddenly try to cook real meals and organize food things again. Good times.

2.1  There are a lot of random things in my freezer that I didn't mean to not use for this long. Corollary: An hour ago I dumped a whole bag of frozen chicken breasts in the crockpot with BBQ sauce and a few other sauce-like things to make chicken sandwiches with... the chicken was getting a bit freezer burned. Does this count as cooking?

3. I'm nesting. Bryan's electronically nesting. I'm trying to clean and get rid of things we don't need and make room for stuff. Bryan is backing up everything we have in any sort of digital form, and working with his dad to digitize their family's home videos. Our house often looks like a tornado hit it.

4.  I have started trying to work some of my normal workout stuff back into my routine (working around the water aerobics class I do twice a week). I did some prenatal yoga this morning. I half-heartedly wished I wouldn't have done research to buy a movie that was actually a legitimate workout lol. It was a little rough on ye olde abs (the stretching and stuff) after so long of not doing any sort of yoga or pilates or whatever.

5. I like this:

6.  How is it suddenly June? Crazy. PS I turn 24 this month... feeling a little old.

7.  Migraines suck. Migraines when you're pregnant suck more.

8.  We had our 20 week ultrasound yesterday. He's (still) a boy! He still likes to get his own way and turn his face away from the ultrasound wand thing no matter where we put it (just like last time). I wonder if the oldest child born to two oldest children is automatically super stubborn? :)

8.1  Everything looks good so far with his organs and things. We're praying it stays that way.

8.2  His head and abdomen and leg measurements (and whatever else) are right on track. His weight was approximately 13.1 ounces. Average for this many weeks is about 10 ounces. Looks like we've got ourselves a big baby on our hands. Takes after his parents I suppose... we were both pretty chunky babies. :)

8.3  I feel like we're already starting to see his personality a bit... he'll be moving all around and kicking me and I'll call Bryan over and, like clockwork, he'll stop. Always. Every time. I can just hear him thinking "Mwahahaha".

9.  I have lots of work to do so I'd better stop stalling by blogging. :)

10.  Bryan and I are loving this season of MasterChef. It's one of the few cooking shows I watch that Bryan really enjoys watching (at least as far as he's told me. ;D).

11.  Love it. Source

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