Friday, July 11, 2014

25 weeks and "out of order"

Hello everybody.

I think I need a vacation. Bryan is more than ready for one.

Too bad we don't have time for one.


Maybe this would be a good alternative:


Baby update:

My cute cousin Annie drew this for us. :) 

How far along: 25 weeks today

Symptoms, sleep, clothes: Pretty bad sciatic nerve pain... that's the biggest reason I wake up at night (it hurts to roll over) but other than that I'm doing pretty well. Still a bit of the fatigue stuff but it's July so that's to be expected. I'm still wearing a mix of maternity and normal clothes.

Funny (but not so funny at the time) story: I don't remember if I mentioned the pork chile verde thing... basically I made it at the beginning of my pregnancy when I was normal sick (not yet super sick), and to this day if I mention those words I start dry heaving and all that.

Anyway, I was at Winco and Bryan had mentioned we were out of salsa, so I went down that isle. Somehow the combination of the smell of masa and seeing green salsa and all that triggered me. (Even now I'm gagging.) Anyway, I started getting pukey and cold clammy sweaty and all that.

I got up to the check out stand (salsa was the last thing on my list) and, poor check out guy, I started dry heaving. I tried to keep my mouth shut and not say words and just hurry... all the time I was just looking to where I would aim my puke in about .9 seconds. I threw all my groceries in bags in record time (still dry heaving) and ran outside.

I made it to the car okay and sat there and ate a string cheese and eventually was okay. But whew... it was close!

Funny (funny albeit a bit awkward at the time) story: I was looking at maternity shirts in Burlington Coat Factory and there was this one button up thing that I figured I'd just try on over my tshirt so I didn't have to go to the dressing room. It fit fine, but there was no stretch or anything so I was sorta tugging on it to see if it would last me until October.

A worker lady (probably in her 50's or 60's) came walking by and from across the entire baby section yelled out "trying to see if you'll grow out of it?" I chuckled and said "Yes". She yelled "When are you due?" "October." "Oh, you'll DEFINITELY grow out of it!" Thanks lol... I didn't buy it.

Exercising and being healthy and all that: Same as before really. My arms are so weak compared to the rest of my body so I'm trying to change that. Some days I feel like I can't get enough to eat which gets a little old since my stomach size inversely proportional to my appetite these days.

Movement: Same as last time... lots of movement, loves to kick my ribs (my bottom front right rib pops around so much now... he's getting stronger lol). He also loves to stretch out... which makes for an interesting situation considering he's probably like 15 inches long now. It's pretty fun/funny to watch him move around (the outside of my stomach dances and wiggles and bulges). Sometimes we play a game... he hits or kicks, I poke, he kicks, I poke... back and forth. :)

Estimated size: I never understand the vegetable comparisons. I guess I over-think it. As big as cauliflower? Well what sized cauliflower? And is he as long as one? As heavy as one? The same volume as one? Come on people.

A more accurate size estimate (that I got from looking up an academic article that had the mean weights and standard deviations for each gestational week), and considering he's male and he's a little big, is about 30 ounces (quite possibly more) and somewhere around 15 inches long. Wow!


Aaand something funny that we're going to have to get/make for our kid:

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