Friday, July 18, 2014

26 weeks and strange dreams

How far along: 26 weeks today

Symptoms, sleep, clothes: exact same as last week- some days I'm in all maternity clothes, other days I'm in no maternity clothes. Usually it's a mix. Bad sciatic nerve pain that makes laying down painful, but sleep is okay because...

... I finally caved and bought a body pillow.

Comfortable, but kind of a pain in the rear end because it's like a third person in our bed at night. At least it's comfortable for Bryan to snuggle up against too if he wants.

Oh, another symptom is acid reflux. My torso is just so short that my stomach is getting pushed out of the way rather quickly. It just causes problems. Tums and I have become friends. I went and bought my third bottle the other day.

I still throw up once in a while... it was Wednesday this week I believe. Good times. Luckily I have yet to pee my pants while throwing up, like I've been warned is a distinct possibility when the baby is bigger than a pinto bean.

Birthing class: We started taking one. Exciting.

Exercising and being healthy and all that: For our class I've had to track my nutrition and darn it all I have the hardest time getting enough protein some days! We don't eat a ton of meat, and when we do it's usually in stuff, and I can't eat endless supplies of beans and nuts and all that because I run out of stomach room...soooo that's fun.

I went to Thai food a week or so ago with mom and it turns out the Masaman curry gave me tons of protein for that day. So yesterday I made a giant vat of Masaman curry that I'll (we'll) be eating off of for a fortnight. It's pretty delicious, if I do say so myself.

The house smelled really yummy after it had been cooking yesterday afternoon. I need a candle with that scent... nevermind these "summer breeze" scents.

My friends that I do water aerobics with were laughing pretty hard last night that I am having no problem cooking and eating food with fish sauce and tamarind paste in it, but still can't seem to stomach salsa and bell peppers and anything that reminds me of chile verde. (See last week's story.)

Remind me to never eat Thai food at the beginning of my pregnancies because I need to preserve my love of it for the middle and end of being pregnant. :) My love for Mexican food has become (hopefully temporarily) a tragedy of war.

Movement: Okay, so I'm pretty sure if you looked at my uterus without, you know, my abs and intestines all around it, it would look like a soccer-ball-sized bounce house with a giant baby inside of it practicing parkour. Once in a while he bounces clear up into the rafters and kicks my ribs around, possibly trying to expand his training space. One day my ribs may just oblige.

Strange dreams: Being a descendent of grandma Workman, I'm no stranger to strange dreams. In fact, I'm sure they're as genetic as the migraines and the hair that we all got from her. But, over the last few weeks I've had some far less-frightening dreams that have been pretty chuckle-worthy. I have tons of them but only remember a few right now.

1) I had a dream that I was doing some work in the flower beds at a mall. Suddenly I couldn't resist, and I reached over to a sprinkler that was sticking about 2 feet out of the ground, and I popped off the sprinkler head. I replaced the sprinkler head by popping a can of spray paint in it's place. The pressure of the water built up and suddenly the can of spray paint burst into flames.

I ran away from it as fast as I could, and as I ran had a moral dilemma, and turned around and turned myself in.

2) The night before last I had so many dreams about people from school/work asking me to do things for them and take care of things on some projects that we're working on, that when I woke up I had to go through my email and to-do list for about a half hour figuring out what I actually needed to do and what I had dreamed.

3) Last night I had a dream, and it was one of those where you think you've woken up and aren't dreaming anymore. I dreamed that it was this morning and I had woken up at 8:06 am. I walked into the living room, pulled up my calendar on the computer, and realized I had a dentist appointment scheduled for 8:00 am. I knew I wouldn't make it in time because I washed my hair last night after water aerobics (true story) and it's an afro and would need some attention before I could go anywhere (also a true story). I spent the rest of my day trying to find the dentist office's phone number so I could call them and reschedule my appointment. Google wouldn't work and I couldn't get a hold of dad (who I know has the phone number). Not sure how it was ever resolved.

Good times. :)

Some inspiration from Elder Holland (one of my favorites--- if we're allowed to have favorites. :D)


  1. Could I get the recipe for your massaman curry? :) David loves Thai food, so I'd love to learn how to make it :).

    1. Definitely! I'll try to get it to you soon. Bug me if I don't. :)