Saturday, July 26, 2014

Lín sài

I've been doing a lot of data collection for my thesis lately.

This morning I had two final interviews with two of my participants.

After the last interview, the girl I was interviewing signed her name on a paper and I mentioned how pretty it was (it was in Chinese characters).

She said "I can teach you how to do your name if you want!"

So, she did.

I have to say, it's my favorite product of my thesis work so far. ;)

(Jk... I just don't have a ton of "product" yet obviously since I haven't done much analysis... and this is kind of fun. :D) 

This is definitely her handwriting... I haven't tried yet but I guarantee mine won't look quite as lovely. :)

And yes, it's on the back of my interview protocol-- I should have grabbed a blank paper but oh well. :)

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