Tuesday, August 19, 2014

30 weeks and the Ogden Temple Openhouse

It's been a while since I've done any sort of baby update, so here it goes!

How far along: 30 4/7 weeks today.

We really shouldn't wait until last thing of the day to take these pictures... I look like I'm falling asleep! PS my belly is getting huge. 

Symptoms: Besides the normal stuff (acne and aches and pains and getting sore and tired more quickly) I've been dealing with ever-worsening sciatic nerve pain. It's the pits (as grandma would say). Oh well. What do you do.

Sleep: I get so tired that when I can finally get comfortable I sleep hard. I need way more sleep than I get some nights just because we're so busy, but I feel like that's just how life is so whatever. I take a nap here and there if I can.

Exercise and being healthy and all that: I'm still doing water aerobics and I try to do a yoga video or barre video once in a while. I have been busy enough with various things that I do a lot of walking and stuff too. I'm counting it. :) I'm also trying to do all my exercise homework from my birth class (kegels, squats, pelvic tilts, all that) to make sure I'm ready, but sometimes I forget.

I still have a really hard time getting in enough green vegetables. I need to be better about that. Also, some days it's really hard for me to get enough protein. I'm getting better at it but we usually eat meat like as a part of a dish or something, not like as the main part of the meal, and I eat such small meals now anyway that it sorta makes it hard. So, the goal this week is to do better at both of those. :)

I do not have a hard time getting enough calcium. You see, tums and I are good friends, and I also have been thoroughly enjoying a big bowl of fresh peaches with a scoop of creamery vanilla ice cream on top. YUM.

Movement: Seriously, my belly moves so much that it's CREEPY sometimes. It'll be way lopsided one way, and then seconds later the whole thing looks like it's having an earthquake and it'll be totally lopsided the other way. This kid is a mover, big time.

On the name front: Squirmy Wormy. That just may be his name. My brother suggested Quackadilly Blip, so that's on the list too ha ha. (I'm 99% sure we won't choose a name until he's born. There's just nothing compelling us to commit to one right now since we're not sure about any of them.)

Ultrasound: We had another ultrasound yesterday just to check things out, and everything looks great! He is head down and loves to hang out on my right side (my liver and ribs could have told you that).

His head is measuring a week or so ahead, but the rest of his body is measuring basically right on now so we may just have a large-headed child. Based on their measurements yesterday he is most likely almost 4 pounds. Wow! It's crazy to me to think that some babies are born at full term (or close to it) only a pound or two more than this. Since he's supposed to gain about a half pound a week until he's born I highly doubt that'll be the case for us ha ha. If he's born right on his due date he should be about double what he weighs now. Yeah, not one of these little 6 pounders. :)

Temple open house:

The Ogden Temple was remodeled and it's open this month for walk throughs for anybody who would like to go through it and see it. We went up with Bryan's family on Saturday. That's the temple that Bryan's parents were married in so that was fun.

I had a really hard time with the heat and sun that day so pardon my zombie-like appearance ha ha.

PS, if my belly was any higher up it would be in my throat. No wonder I am barely in maternity bottoms at all. Sheesh!

Great picture Jeff! (Jeffrey took this one.)

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