Tuesday, January 13, 2015

3 Months Old!

Lincoln is 3 months old today!

We're not sure how much he weighs or how long he is-- my guess is close to 13 lbs and almost 25 inches long.

He has grown out of all his 0-3 month clothes and he wears 3-6 month clothes now. With his cloth diapers he's in 6 month pants quite comfortably. He's long enough that he can only fit in 6 month pajamas... crazy kid.

Lincoln loves:
-being upright
-watching football or basketball on tv
-screens (phones, computers, tv...)
-having conversations with mom and dad
-being outside
-staying awake during nap time
-being extra cute right at bedtime
-his daddy
-being sung to and trying to sing along
-being loud
-looking at himself in the mirror

Lincoln hates:
-TUMMY TIME- it's his #1 hate in life
-when food comes too slowly
-to take naps
-being put in the car seat

We had a crazy busy Christmas break, end-of-year, and start-of-year. Here are some pictures!

Lincoln was baby Jesus in the Sudweeks family nativity this year. He was a smiley Jesus and distracted Mary and all the little wise men and shepherds. :) 

Lincoln wearing one of the wise man hats 

He screams lots... and when he does he pretty much instantly turns purple.

Playing dominos with dad at Lincoln's great grandma and grandpa's house

Lincoln was so excited to meet his friends Benji and Milo! We miss them and want to visit them in Arizona someday. 

He's already captivated by screens... hm...

We sure love Lincoln. :) We're pretty sure he's the best. ;)

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