Friday, January 23, 2015

Not a newborn anymore!

We don't have a newborn anymore!

We have a little boy on our hands!

Oh, and when I guessed like 13 pounds last post? I was wrong. He's 15. :)

Funny kid... lol. 

One day I was changing his diaper and I turned away to grab stuff. I looked back and he had his giraffe sitting on his head like this. He left it there the whole time. 

He sure loves his daddy.

In other news, we're both feeling the pressure that is trying to each finish a thesis in the next few months. It's pretty stressful at times, I'll be honest... but we'll survive. :) I find myself saying "We'll finish if it's the last thing we do, and it just might be." Lol.

But, Bryan said we're going to take a vacation when we finish (we have to defend by the end of June). I was like, "can we do that?'... a vacation is such a foreign thing since we haven't taken much of a break since the dawn of time. He said, "that's what people that graduate from grad school get to do!" So, a vacation it is. In all reality we'll probably just fly out to the place we'll be moving and find a place to live, but hey, that sounds like a lovely break to me!


  1. What a handsome boy! We sure love him!

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