Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Some pictures

I'm still awake listening to the KSL post game show after the men's BYU basketball win over Portland in the tournament. I wouldn't feel so compelled to watch it except for Collinsworth got his 6th triple-double tonight tying Shaq and one other person (can't remember) for a career high. Pretty amazing. Anyway, so I'm up.

So I thought I might post a few pictures of Lincoln. Silly kid. ;) We like him.

This kid LOVES his baths. He lounges, splashes, plays with his rubber ducky, grins, and stretches out (to keep his mom and dad on their toes to keep him from hitting his head or flopping over lol).

Those wrist rolls and arm rolls KILL ME.

He's always chewing on something. Usually it's his fingers.

Post bath. He always gets this face when he sees the camera. He stops doing all his faces and stares at the lens. We're lucky he's not lunging forward trying to grab it in this one ha ha. 

He loves that little blanket-- this particular time he was sleeping (in the swing to prop him up because he was sick) I had to keep pulling it off his face. Funny kid.

That face.

He's about one second away from sitting up on his own for real. He's super stable on our laps and stuff but when we put him on the floor the toys distract him and he face plants. :)


  1. He is so cute. I am sad my kids got sick. We loved having him over!

  2. Pretty sure he is the cutest thing ever. Such a fun age!