Sunday, March 15, 2015

5 months!

Lincoln turned 5 months old on Friday.

This month has been the funnest one yet!

Lincoln is so interactive and smiley (still screamey but not quite as bad) and is figuring out so many things! The more he can do and see and play with and eat, the happier he is.

One big thing this month brought was FOOD.

This boy loves his food. He never spits anything back out and he is so good at eating. I'm seriously loving it.

Right now his favorites are any fruit, peas and carrots, and all the random other stuff we've let him try that I count as "big people food". (Barbecue sauce was a hit.)

But, carrots are this boy's love language, I tell you what. We're talking flapping arms and everything.

He likes green beans and avocados the least, but he still eats them.

He gets so mad at us when we don't share our food with him, and he throws his body at any food he sees, so I hope (crossing my fingers) we have a good eater on our hands.

He's so wiggly so the pictures are mostly blurry lol. Sorry.

He's become extremely curious and studious... what I mean by that is that he studies toys, people, new things (computer keyboards, etc)... he just seems so deep in thought so often.

He has discovered his hands on a whole new level-- he will just sit and stare at his fingers for minutes at a time as he moves them in new ways and tries to grasp on to tiny things. The other day he laid there and showed me and Bryan his fingers for like 3 minutes. It was hilarious.

He's about 16 1/2 pounds and 27 inches long. He's a tall boy! He's in 6-9 month clothes in general, but for anything like footie pajamas he's barely fitting in the 9 month ones and fitting nicely in the 12 month ones. Crazy kiddie.

In the middle of a sneeze

Things Lincoln loves:

-Sitting up. He can sit up propped against us to play forever. He can sit up on his own for like 10 seconds or so on the floor (basically until he sees a toy and nose dives to get it). If he's on our laps he can basically sit up indefinitely also, even without any support.

-Trying to escape anything he's strapped in to.

-Sitting himself up out of these things (strollers, carseats, etc) the second he's unstrapped.


-Being outside on overcast days

-His little square "security blanket" that has a stuffed football attached to it.

-Fabric against his face

-Any movement that is like a roller coaster (seriously-- he loves to play rough).

-Laughing and grinning (open-mouthed grins; cheesy, closed-mouth grins; all of the above)

-Talking-- he's trying SO many new sounds these days. His favorite is to yell "maaaa maaa maaa maaa" when he wakes up. He's also doing a lot of raspberry type sounds with his lips and sounds like "bgmbgmbgm". Pretty funny.

-Blowing bubbles

-Being busy


-When daddy comes home

-Chewing on EVERYTHING, including and especially his fingers

-Music, singing, all of the above

-Anything with a screen. Oh man.

-Looking around, especially in new places (stores, outside, etc)


-The sound and sight of running water

-Having all the attention

-Giving hugs (a hug is grinning, putting his arms around my neck, and grabbing on tight to all those little hairs at the base of your skull as he squeezes. Good luck getting his fingers out afterward ha ha.)

-Holy moly the drool.

-The measuring spoons

-Staring at people's faces

-Swinging (he had so much fun at grandma's house swinging on her swing!)

-Playing with grandmas and grandpas

-Reading, turning pages on books, books with LOTS of words...

Things he doesn't love so much: 

-Being on his belly... therefore rolling from belly to back doesn't happen very often.

-The fact that he can't quite roll over from back to belly. It frustrates him SO BAD when he gets stuck halfway and can't get the toy he's trying to reach.

-The sun in his eyes. Oh man it's the end of the world some days.

-Going down for naps-- the story of our lives.

-Snuggling (when it's not bedtime)

-Independent play time (he's getting a bit better though-- today I hung his bouncer in the bathroom doorway and I got to shower! wowee!)

-When he knows food is coming and when he thinks it isn't coming fast enough

-Green beans

You look away for one second... 

I promise-- we feed him. 

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  1. I just love how chubby he is getting! He is adorable, Lindsay :)