Saturday, May 23, 2015

7 months (a week ago)

Lincoln turned 7 months old last week!

From our family picture session

Life is crazy (see giant ticker above this post counting down to my thesis defense. Then take away 14 days and that's when Bryan defends and when I need to be done with all my writing. Then take away 14 more days and that's when Bryan's writing needs to be done. Yes, that's soon.

So, without further ado, Lincoln at 7 months!

From our family picture session

He's about 20 lbs and 29 inches long. Hard to get exact measurements without the doctor's scale.

He's in 9 and 12 month clothes mostly. The only 6 monthers he's still in are ones that reeeaaallly stretch that we just haven't packed away so we wear in a bind ha ha.

Our mother's day picture.

Lincoln Loves
-playing with his toes
-eating his toes
-eating his socks
-pulling off his socks
-playing with and chewing on straps and tags
-chewing on his fingers
-eating ANYTHING, especially grown up food and graham crackers
-his teddy bear grandpa Bolton gave him
-being outside
-laughing hard
-being played with
-being read to
-reading the Book of Mormon Stories reader
-watching us put clothes in the washer and dryer
-bouncing in his bouncer
-watching other babies and kids play
-his "teeth" (gums) being brushed
-playing with his grandmas and grandpas and aunts and uncles (and Olivia and Annie)
-people watching
-trying to do downward dog and swan dive yoga poses
-trying to dive out of our arms
-making squawking noises
-doing things to get a reaction out of us (throwing toys, screaming, shrieking, laughing, grinning, talking)
-off-limits "toys"
-trucks, busses, construction equipment, motorcycles... anything that drives past the car making lots of noise
-TALKING- he is experimenting with SO many sounds! It sounds like he chops up sentences and just says the syllables out of order. It's so fun.
-blowing raspberries
-rubber duckies
-anything with a screen

Lincoln at El Azteca loving black beans, rice, salsa, and enchilada sauce

Lincoln is learning to like
-parent tot swimming lessons
-trying to be mobile
-putting weight on his legs to stand
-playing with other kids
-busy days of shopping and errands

At the Payson temple open house. Lincoln loved it. He loved looking at all the people and lights and everything. He was so calm and happy the whole time. 

My cute boys

Lincoln does not love
-getting his ears or face wet in the pool
-being on his belly
-being in his car seat for very long (he tries to escape like 75% of the time during any car ride)
-putting himself back to sleep when he wakes up. ever.
-the fact that he's been cutting one particular tooth for nearly a month now. It's one of the side bottom ones so maybe it's taking its sweet time since it's not really supposed to come in first anyway.

He had just woken up when we were trying to do family pictures... here's his just waking up face. Kind of looks like mine does when I just wake up. 

We love you Lincoln. :) 

Thanks to the amazing Jacki Erickson who took our family pictures a few weeks ago. We LOVE them. She did an amazing job. Everybody in Utah Valley here should hire her.

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