Sunday, June 14, 2015

8 months!

In the midst of thesising, 8 months snuck up on us!

Lincoln is 8 months old!

He's a fun, happy, smiley, strong-willed, excited boy and we love him!

He's almost as big as Annie! 

He has started talking SO much. He talks loudly and he talks a lot!
He says:
-ba (ball maybe?)
-quack (we're pretty sure)
and whatever else we say that he tries to copy like "gramma".

Lincoln at the Orem-fest parade

Lincoln at the Orem-fest parade

He knows his name we're pretty sure. He looks over when we say "Lincoln" and doesn't necessarily look over when we just talk arbitrarily unless we get his attention first.

He likes
-playing in water
-drinking water from water bottles and cups
-rolling rolling rolling
-my homemade Mexican food (but unfortunately his tummy didn't love it much-- a bit spicy I think)
-people watching
-playing with kids
-graham crackers
-feeding himself cheerios, bites of PB&J sandwiches, etc-- he has mastered his pincer grasp-- he wanted the cheerios really badly lol.
-trying to feed himself with a spoon by stealing it out of our hands, putting it into his mouth, and chewing... hasn't figured out to pull the spoon back out of his mouth though.
-cold treats
-being outside-- he could be outside all day long.
-his teddy bear
-kicking/bicycling his legs as fast as possible, all the time
-solving puzzles... like how to get into the cheerio container

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