Friday, March 16, 2012

Happiest Place on Earth!

So we all know how much I love Disneyland.

Thank you mother, who started the whole fiasco when she went there for the first time on her and dad's honeymoon.

My brother in law Curtis is there right now, for the first time for a band tour for his high school.

Of course I had to tell him all the things not to miss, what rides to go on, food to eat, how to use fast passes, etc.

I got a text today from him that said, "I'm currently enjoying my first Dole Whip."

This, my friends, is a Dole Whip. It's made of dole pineapple juice and it's heaven in a small plastic cup.

I had a "proud parent" sort of a feeling to know that I have passed on the goodness of Disneyland Dole Whips to another soul.

I'm salivating thinking of these dole whips.

the 3rd week in June can't come fast enough. :)

PS, he's also enjoyed/enjoying Star Tours, Space Mountain (with sunglasses on), and Splash mountain. :)

Yup... I feel proud. Ha ha ha.

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