Friday, December 14, 2012

Images of finals week

*insert picture of me propping my eyelids open with q-tips or something*

But besides that, here's what I've been staring at all week. :)

(Well, besides Tuesday when I graded calculus tests all day...)

The first picture was my list for the week.

The second picture is everything I had to get done today...the checklist I made. (The last picture is the same checklist when I left for the day.)

That list on the right side was how I got through the day... "cross two more things off to earn a break"..." cross 5 things off to get lunch"..."cross two more things off to eat a chocolate truffle"... and so on.

Tomorrow all that's left is to edit and submit everything I worked on today.

It's 12:06 now on Thursday night... or Friday morning I suppose...just think... in 11 hours and 54 minutes, it will all be over... :)

Then maybe I'll sleep... then clean my house.

But guess what! I've survived the first finals week of grad school!!!! I think I'm going to laminate those two lists and keep them to remind myself that it's possible. :)

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