Sunday, June 30, 2013

Don't worry- I'm alive!

Whew... the past few weeks have been insane!

I finished my Master's exam. I don't find out if I passed for probably another 3 weeks.

Then this past week was spent basically in a week-long meeting with the professors we work with from some schools in Michigan. They flew in for a week to work on some stuff with us. It was a lot of work but a lot of fun too.

Eating with, going grocery shopping for, cooking for, and working with your professors almost as colleagues is a pretty interesting, fun, twilight zone-ish experience. :)

But, I'm alive, as busy as ever with tutoring, a class I'm taking, working on my thesis, and doing research for work.


Enjoy some pictures I took last Sunday- it was my brother-in-law Curtis' mission farewell and my new niece's baby blessing.

*Disclaimer- I haven't had time to edit them or anything, but here they are. :)

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